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ZZ TERMINATOR is an alarm app featuring puzzles and fun ringtones, aiming to completely wake users up with careful design of wake-up process, getting away from oversleeping. The app intends to create refreshing wake-up experiences with friendly and sensible UX design as well as appealing UI design.  


The following are extracts from the UX documents.
For the complete UX documents,
please feel free to check the link at the end of this page.

01  /  Outline approaches to define the problem and objectives, research and analyze related markets and customers as well as visualize concepts

02  /  Identify the problem

03  /  Research on existing cellphone alarm apps

04  /  Conduct a questionnaire survey to understand users' alarm using habits and get-up behavior modes

05  /  Conclude design direction

06  /  Set target audience and create two personas to furthur illustrate the target groups.

07  /  Create a workflow and wireframes to clarify the structure of the app.